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Meet the Student Navigators

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Information Box Group

Photo of Nicole Kim, BHSC Student Navigator

Nicole Kim, Student Navigator for the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Hons.) Program

  • Graduated from: Bachelor of Health Sciences (Class of 2019)
  • Favourite Undergraduate Course: HTHSCI 3FC3 – Science of Fictional Characters
  • Favourite Self-Care Practice: Daily journaling in my hobonichi
  • Favourite Netflix Show: Lucifer

Contact Me:

Tip: Look into Carol Dweck’s fixed vs. growth mindset. In undergrad, her work helped me to begin the shift from a maladaptive form of perfectionism toward a healthier mindset. This is one that believes that intelligence and personality are things you can continuously cultivate through your efforts, as opposed to static cards you are dealt that you can never improve.

Photo of Emily Cowley, Art Sci Student Navigator

Emily Cowley, Student Navigator for the Arts & Science Program

  • Graduated from: Arts & Science Program (Class of 2020)
  • Favourite Undergraduate Course: PSYCH 2AA3 – Child Development
  • Favourite Self-Care Practice: Walks in Nature
  • Favourite Netflix Show: Schitt’s Creek

Contact Me:

Tip: Build relationships with your house/roommates. Take the time to get to know them, learn how to communicate with them, and support them. (Have regular meals together!) The relationships you build during this time are what will extend beyond your undergrad, not your assignments. So make time to invest in them – it’s worth it!

Photo of Jayson Subaskaran, Honours Life Sci Student Navigator

Jayson Subaskaran, Student Navigator for the Honours Life Sciences Program

  • Graduated from: Honours Life Sciences Program (Class of 2019)
  • Favourite Undergraduate Course: SANSKRIT 3A06 – Introduction to Sanskrit Grammar
  • Favourite Self-Care Practice: Going for a Drive
  • Favourite Netflix Show: This is Us

Contact Me:

Tip: “How can I take better notes?” “Where can I find a research assistant position?” Ask and you shall learn. University is filled with a multitude of opportunities and navigating through them can be difficult. The McMaster community consists of a welcoming and supporting body of students, staff, and faculty. Speak to a Student Navigator today to learn where you can start and make a professional connection today!

Photo of Manu Sayani-Mulji, Soc Sci Student Navigator

Manu Sayani-Mulji, Student Navigator for the Faculty of Social Sciences (On Leave)

  • Graduated from: Commerce (Class of 2016), Social Work (Class of 2018)
  • Favourite Undergraduate Course: SOCWORK 2A06 – Theory, Process and Communication Skills for Social Work
  • Favourite Place to Grab a Bite on Campus: Bridges Café
  • Favourite Study Spot: Mills Library 3rd Floor

Tip: Extracurriculars! Clubs, organizations, volunteering, employment, athletics, arts, etc. Take a look at the MSU website, Dailynews, Faculty News & Events, & OSCARplus among many others!